Steve Johnson (dantesdad) wrote in black_tuesdays,
Steve Johnson

Now is the time...

Now is the time to demand that the president be impeached.

We have one year before the mid-term elections, and it is time to write letters, place phone calls, write ed/op pieces and yes, even write in our online journals.

It matters not whether your senators and representatives are Democrat or Republican. What matters is that we have, for a brief moment, an opening to push our advantage. If we wait too long and find ourselves in another mideast war, probably against Syria or Iran, the inevitable tide of patriotism may rise up and make the removal our our "commander in chief" impossible. So the time to act is now.

I see the challenge as being a simple one. We must introduce the word IMPEACHMENT into the national dialogue. It must reach the ears and be on the lips of every single citizen of this country, whether or not they agree that he should be removed. We must open the door and let the illuminating light of truth shine in on this adminstration, and that one word might just be the key.

So how do we do accomplish that?

I have bumper stickers on my car, front and back, crying "IMPEACH BUSH" to the world. The ones on the front are mirrored, for the benefit of any gluttonous gas-guzzling W-sticker-toting SUV I cannot manage to pull in front of. There's little more frustrating than seeing that swastika-like "W" staring down at you like a middle finger being stuck up, mocking everything you once believed our country could be. Mirrored front bumper stickers work pretty well for them and it makes my message just a little more memorable. You can get bumper stickers for your car too. It's really wonderful to see people pass you by and give you a smile and a thumbs-up. It will fill you with hope, and in the past five years hope has become a pretty scarce commodity.

You can also pay attention to the media. Sure, it's largely in the pocket of CEOs, who are largely supporters of the GOP. That doesn't mean the fourth estate is completely dead, though. I like to think of it as being in a relatively deep coma.

When you see someone speak out, support them. Write to them and tell them that you bought their album, book or movie and tell them why. Tell them you want them to keep speaking out, because no matter how comfortable the sofa in your living room is, these are desperate times. We need people with the courage of Etan Thomas, Kanye West, and so many others to not only speak out, but be encouraged to keep speaking out.

Our elected representatives have increasingly become prostitutes to corporate wealth and political action committees. Write to your senators and representatives and tell them that you will not donate one penny to their political war coffers until you see evidence that they have publicly called for the impeachment of the president.

Take it a step further and promise a specific amount for every time they can furnish evidence that they have called for impeachment in a public forum. If you can afford to donate something, tell them you'll send $10 for every time they call for impeachment on national television, up to the most you can afford to donate.

They must be told that impeachment may wind up being the only honorable way out of the quagmire we are now wallowing in over in Iraq. Anything else is a tacit endorsement of torture, political assasination, murder, war profiteering, and all manner of human rights abuses, and you will not stand for having a representative that endorses that in your name.

You are better than that.

You must demand that your government be better than that as well.

We have a year.

If congress can be moved to impeach Bush before the midterm elections, we will surely have new challenges ahead once that is accomplished.

If Bush is still in office a year from now, we must consider it a victory if the I-word has even wormed its way into our national dialogue. We must have faith that if impeachment becomes a national discussion, the arguments in favor will surely overwhelm the loyalist chickenhawks who cling to Rove and Cheney's lies and the right wing media's propaganda.

We must believe that we can make a difference. If that difference means watching another election stolen by Diebold and ESS, we must take comfort in knowing that the more America calls for Impeachment, the harder it will be for the neocons to cover up their ongoing theft of democracy.

If it sounds like I'm trying to convince myself, well I am. I am not proud of this country, but I hope someday that I will be. If that day comes to pass, it will not be blind patriotism, but a careful assesment of exactly where America stands in relation to, and in cooperation with the rest of the world. Right now any such analysis only makes me want to pull up stakes even faster.

Given what we're up against, this must be a journey of small steps.

If we want to restore honor and democracy to our country, we must begin with a sustained, clarion call for Impeachment.

It must echo along every valley, and ring from every mountaintop.

It must be heard on the wind, and must rustle through the leaves of every tree.

It must bounce off the satellites and it must encircle the globe.

Then, just maybe, our politicians might begin to listen.
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