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Black Tuesdays

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Black_Tuesdays is a community for people who have chosen to wear black on Tuesdays as a sign of mourning for the atrocities of the current administration in America. The chosen day is Tuesday because many of us look back to Tuesday, November 2 as the last day we really felt much hope about the direction this country could have been headed in.

We may mourn the death of our democracy. Some of us are mourning the disenfranchisement of black voters. Some of us mourn our dead sons and daughters that died in a needless war that was a choice for people who stayed at home and wrap themselves in flags, but was not a choice for the brave souls who wanted to serve their countries, not their corrupt leaders' oil companies. Some of us mourn all of the dead whose blood, some might say, is on the hands of all Americans to some extent or another.

We have thousands of reasons to wear black, and this community is a place for us to gather, share our feelings and our stories, and to get creative.

Post artwork.

Post icons.

Post banners.

Post colorbars if you want to.

Help us to keep our focus.

Four years is a long time, and despite the many signs that our electoral system may now be fatally flawed, or "rigged" if you want to call a spade a spade - we choose to stay and to struggle.

This is not a debate community, though you can feel free to debate politics as long as you do so respectfully. Trolls will be banned and reported, and I should warn you that I'm pretty quick to label someone a troll. Don't come here with "conservatism", "neocon" or "bush2004" on your interests list, start ridiculing or mocking members of this community and expect to be allowed to continue posting here. You will be smacked down so hard your head will spin.