Steve Johnson (dantesdad) wrote in black_tuesdays,
Steve Johnson

(x-posted to liberal_icons)

Every time I see anyone express the opinion that Bush should be impeached, arrested, tarred and feathered or worse, I feel a small amount of hope. I went a little nuts making icons. You may not like all of them, but I hope somewhere in here there is one you might be willing to use. The more we spread this message, the greater the chance that it will happen. Rather than get into all the reasons and clutter up the icons with text, I tried to keep it simple and let the image speak for itself.

The right wing has taught us that the gloves are always off and it's always time to point fingers and assign blame. Let's not let their lessons fall upon deaf ears, especially when so many lives have been lost from such gross incompetence and criminal negligence on the part of our administration.
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